The Reopening of Estes Chapel

The Reopening of Estes Chapel June 9, 2018

1954 was a long time ago. I was three! This is when Estes Chapel first opened and had its first worship service at Asbury. And here they are!

Lot’s has changed since then, most recently a total refurbishing of Estes and a rebooting of worship there on May 8th. And amazingly enough, there was at least one person present on May 8th, who was also there in 1954. The chapel was actually built with the aid of student labor, including the work of Don Joy, later a professor at the seminary. Today, we have an excellent president who is also a fine preacher, Timothy Tennent. Here he is bringing the message of ‘Fire from Heaven’ from Chronicles—–

Here’s a link to the message itself which was excellent—–

And here is our beloved chaplain of Estes— Rev. Jessica Lagrone—-

And here’s a bird’s eye view of how the chapel now looks.

I should add thanks to Julie Tennent and Jonathan Powers and others, we have a new Asbury hymnal as well! It’s a medium sized hymnal that has lots of our Wesleyan heritage in it, but also much else, including good footnotes about the tunes. As you can see—- God is alive and well on Planet Wilmore!!

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