Entering the Passion of Jesus– Part Fifteen

Entering the Passion of Jesus– Part Fifteen March 19, 2019

Q. I take Lk. 22.38 to mean ‘enough of this (nonsense)’. In other words, Jesus’ is exasperated with the pathetic response of the disciples when he is about to be taken away. That is… he is not suggesting violent action on his behalf ever (if only the Crusaders has paid attention). To what degree do you think Jesus is calling his own disciples to a life commitment of non-violence?

A. There are various ways of understanding Luke 22.38, but it might be too much to extrapolate from one verse a mandate of nonviolence. Better for such concerns are the models of loving the enemy and turning the right cheek. If Jesus were saying “having swords is nonsense,” then his comment about “The one who has no sword must sell his cloak and buy one” becomes at best odd.

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