It is Rock N’ Roll to Me

It is Rock N’ Roll to Me May 14, 2019

Went to see Chicago at the EKU Arts Center in Richmond Ky. It was a terrific show including a terrific light show (see below). Went with the Tune Dude Jeff James, and my wife Ann and her colleague Marvin Ruffner. They played from 7.30 until just after 10 with a 20 minute break. They played tons of their hits from the first lp all the way up to the 21rst century. They’ve been together since 1967— 52 years!! There are still 3 original members of the band, two of the horn players (Jimmy Pankow the trombonist and song writer, and Lee Loughnane the trumpet etc. player and the main baritone singer and composer Robert Lamm). They have a new vocalist who replaced Jason Scheff, and he is not really a newby, since he was born in 1962…. last name Dell, and he can hit all the high notes. The playing was good, the vocal harmonies were good, and a good time was had by all. Enjoy the pics….

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