Wilting in Wilmington– Part One

Wilting in Wilmington– Part One July 27, 2019

Wilmington N.C. is the hometown of my mother, Joyce Witherington. And we go every summer to visit her— after all she’s 92 and still hanging in there! My sister Laura also lives there as well. On this trip to that coastal and truly old Southern port city, much like Charleston and Savannah, it still has many beautiful antebellum houses and places to visit. So we decided to take a carriage ride in the old historic district, and eventually end up at the famous Bellamy mansion, where my Mom and sister and grandfather actually had a cameo appearance in a film called Dream a Little Dream, which was also filmed in my grandfather’s house on Princess St. But I digress…… here’s the carriage you can ride around on Front St. and adjacent areas….

This is a painting of the old trollies which used to run from downtown Wilmington to Wrightsville Beach and back.

The carriage tour took us around several of the old historic street, and here are some of the old houses we saw… some of them quite colorful

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