A Night at the Ballpark— National’s Park

A Night at the Ballpark— National’s Park October 9, 2019

I love baseball, and I especially love seeing new Major League parks, and I have never been to Nationals Park… until now. It is a beautiful large park, and somewhat resembles Jacobs Field in Cleveland. And the amenities have really changed at ballparks— I actually had a lobster roll! And just down the way they were serving cocktails of all sorts. Yes… there was still hot dogs and beer. Two of my fine Asbury colleagues, Tammy Cessna and Tammy Hogan went to the game on a beautiful cool night. The ballpark is quite easily reached from the Museum of the Bible as both are in the southwest corner of D.C. and the Metro goes right to the park. And we got lucky— excellent seats at cheap prices as the woeful Orioles were in town… and even more luck, we got to see Mad Max Scherzer pitch. The Nationals won easily— 8 to 4.

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