Georgia Road Sign Contest—- Snarky Results!!

Georgia Road Sign Contest—- Snarky Results!! February 15, 2020

General safety
First place: If you miss your exit it’s okay, we made more up ahead.
Second place: Better late than never.
Third place (tie): Drive like your momma is watchin’.
Third place (tie): You are allowed to use turn signals. We checked.
Third place (tie): Drive safely or we call your mother.

Distracted driving
First place (tie): You look great but the selfie can wait.
First place (tie): Looking at the road is a great way to stay on it.
Second place: No one wants to see traffic on Snapchat, Brenda.
Third place: Pop quiz, what is the speed limit on this road?

Impaired driving
First place: Driving half lit is not very bright.
Second place: Don’t spend the new year in jail. Party responsibly.
Third place (tie): Don’t be a turkey and drive basted.
Third place (tie): The party should be lit, not you. Bring in the new year safe.

Seat belt
First place (tie): This is a sign you should buckle up.
First place (tie): If you don’t wear a seat belt, please be an organ donor.
Second place: Wearing a seat belt makes you look thinner.
Third place (tie): Here is the tea sis, we can see you so buckle up.
Third place (tie): Seat belts are in, everybody is wearing them.

Work zone safety
First place: Look left, look right, keep workers in sight.
Second place: Work zone, slow down, workers have families that want them around.
Third place (tie): Work zones matter so do the people in them.

Third place (tie): Avoid destruction, mind the construction.
GDOT says winners may start seeing their messages displayed on highway boards as early as this weekend.

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