The New Wright-Bird Intro– Part Four

The New Wright-Bird Intro– Part Four February 22, 2020

The New Introduction by Wright and Bird comes with a Workbook. This particular one involves straightforward questions, to test how well the reader has taken in the material in a given chapter. But there are also Multiple choice items included, matching, and opportunities to agree or disagree, and say why, about some of the fundamental issues raised in a chapter. The Workbook is set up to correspond to both the order of chapters in the book and the order of lectures given on the DVDs. It comes with some pictures and charts as well and comes to about 170 pages of material. It was not clear to me whether it also came in electronic form, because as it is, it actually is quite old school, requiring one to fill in the blanks with a pen. But some of our students can’t even write in cursive, and in various cases their handwriting is mostly illegible. Good luck grading that.

It is clear that a lot of thought has gone into this project, trying to cover all sorts of bases, including the need to visually stimulate a generation of largely visual learners, the computer and texting generation, by copious pictures in the book and then the videos. I’m glad this project was taken on, especially for the useful summaries of Wright’s views on numerous subject. As such it’s a handy reference tool even for someone like me. Kudos to SPCK and Zondervan for taking this on, and doing the project justice.

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