Summer Song

Summer Song June 7, 2020



I must go down to the sea
Because it clearly calls my name
I can’t ignore the constant cry
Or I’ll never be the same.

I love the sound of wave on wave
The roar and then the reach,
Rise and fall, and rise and fall
Until it covers the beach.

The air is warm, the pelicans play
In search of endless fish
All too soon the day goes down
Despite my deepest wish.

The moon shimmers upon the sea
Leaving a ghostly trail
Upon the wave crests, row on row
Until the light does fail.

Or better said, is overruled
By the greater light of day,
To watch the sun come up at dawn
O’er endless sea’s gold spray

Tis a consummation to be wished
By a landlocked soul like mine,
And so I must go, whether fast or slow
Heeding beck and call divine.

I must go down to the sea again
As I have always done,
For I am a child of the sea’s Captain
Indeed, I am his son.


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