When Doctrine Divides the People of God– Part Twelve

When Doctrine Divides the People of God– Part Twelve September 12, 2020

BEN: I found the conclusions on p. 150 interesting. You do not mention listening to the voices of other devout Christians including scholars about the meaning of this or that text, or how one should live out or apply it. I think it cannot simply come down to us, the Bible, and the Holy Spirit. No we must also listen to the voices, even of those with whom we may often disagree, as a sort of check to individualism and narcissism, not least because as you point out, we are indeed emotional creatures. Thoughts?

RHYNE: Go one page over, and I express complete agreement! I actually begin page 151 talking about tradition: “Differences in the way individuals feel, reason, and read Scripture are major contributing factors to our doctrinal diversity, but it would be misleading to suggest that the theological enterprise is merely an exchange of our personal interpretations of the Bible. Theology is, after all, a communal activity rooted in local churches, denominations, and the broader faith ‘believed everywhere, always, by all.’”

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