Be Smart— Wear a Mask. Even Dinosaurs Know We Need Them

Be Smart— Wear a Mask. Even Dinosaurs Know We Need Them October 29, 2020

I shouldn’t have to say this to reasonably intelligent Americans, but we should all be wearing masks when we go out in public, whether we like it or not, since much of the spread of the virus is caused by asymptomatic persons who have the virus failing to wear a mask or socially distance themselves from others. So, everyone should be tested whether they think they are sick or not, and everyone should be socially distancing and wearing masks to protect especially the most vulnerable among us. NOW, 10% of the cases of those infected are small children. And this disease not only kills, it does permanent damage to the lungs of many among those who survive. When you go and vote, definitely follow these protocols.

And I don’t want to hear any more nonsense about ‘you are limiting my freedom’. Obviously, every law limits somebody’s freedom. Stoplights limit somebody’s freedom. Age limits on driver’s licenses limit somebody’s freedom, and frankly it’s a good thing we have such limits. Requiring people to wear a mask during a pandemic is a temporary limit for sure. And refusing to do so because of ‘my freedom’ is pure narcissism, pure putting yourself first over others. America needs to be better than that.

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