Faith and History— A Devotional

Faith and History— A Devotional March 18, 2021

It comes in a plain gray cover. And on first blush it seems like just another devotional book.  It is not. It is a collection of devotionals by historians and those who perhaps will be historians. To my knowledge, there’s never been a devotional book like this one.  Sometimes the devotional just involves a historian reflecting on the faith, but sometimes it’s a historian reflecting on history AND the Christian faith, and also the Christian faith in previous history.  So sometimes we hear stories about the Puritans for example, or a great hymn by Isaac Watts, for instance. It’s an interesting approach. I’ve been working through this little book and have found its 40 some devotionals quite soul nourishing. Each devotional has as its taking off point some Biblical text, and the texts range throughout the OT and the NT, and the devotionals are arranged in canonical order (if you are following the Protestant canon of Scripture).  A few of the contributors you may already be familiar with, like the very well known and well published Mark Noll, now emeritus at Notre Dame.

If you are looking for something different when you do your devotional time, I heartedly commend this interesting collection. As Augustine once heard it said ‘tolle, lege’  by which is meant, pick it up, read it.


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