STEADFAST? April 19, 2021



God is quite steadfast

I thought I’d stop and feast that

But He said… ‘instead fast’.


Because it means we failed him

Because we’re just not true

Because we test his patience

By what we say and do.


Not good in a pandemic

Not good when things go right

Not good at waiting for it

Not good in a close fight


Not good at loving others?

Who don’t look just like us?

Not good at plain forgiveness

Instead, we’d rather cuss.


The sin of cynicism

Has spread throughout the land,

We entertain conspiracies

And say they’re out of hand.


We hide our eyes from violence

We hide from bias too

We say that we are truly good

And know just what we do.


We listen to the shock jocks

Who stir up all that hate

We think our anger’s righteous

And learn the truth too late.


We follow the wrong leaders

Pretend they’re Christians too

They lie to keep us stirred up

Dividing me from you.


Instead, our indignation

Is totally misplaced

We blame the stranger in the land

So we don’t have to face…


The better angels of our nature

The better ways to make good last

The better way to please our savior

The better way to be steadfast.


BW3  3/11/21


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