Thin Places

Thin Places September 9, 2021



Take me to the thin places

Tween here and paradise,

Show me the river

And that must now suffice.


A glimpse of glowing glory

Is all I need just now

I can wait ‘til later

To learn the why and how.


The border between realms

Is not so hard to find,

But crossing that fine line

Means leaving this behind.


It doesn’t take a death wish

To want to know some more

Of what awaits the pilgrim

Who’s standing on the shore.


Someday it will all be clear,

But now the clouds obscure

Occasionally the sun breaks through

And helps us to endure.


Life is like a tapestry

We view from the back side

Occasionally we glimpse the pattern

But mostly it seems to hide.


To know as we are known,

To see him face to face

Would be too much for finite minds

In this earthly place.


Faith is the assurance

Of things we cannot see

This does not mean they are not real

It means we cannot be….


Satisfied with where we are,

Or who we’ve just begun

To be– the image of our Lord

And his kingdom come.



Oct. 25, 2020



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