In Quest of the Historical Adam– Part Ten

In Quest of the Historical Adam– Part Ten October 10, 2021

Q. I like your suggestion on p. 232 that humans have a natural biological tendency towards survival (in fact so do many higher order creatures), and hence a self-protect, even selfish orientation, when connected to a morally corrupt environment is all that is required to explain why all have sinned. I think for example of infants— it’s all about me, feed me, hold me, change me etc. They are inherently narcissistic, and one has to ask whether narcissism, ‘the heart turned in upon itself’ is not what we see in the garden story in Gen. 2 after the original couple sinned. I think you are also right that the reason there is a tree of life in that garden is because the original couple were created mortal like the rest of us.  Everlasting life in a positive sense is not inherent to humanity. It is a gift of God.  Thoughts?


A. The understanding that Adam and Eve were created physically mortal was one of the major revisions in my thinking that came about as a result of this study. It took me quite by surprise. But I think that the evidence of I Cor 15 as well as Gen 2-3 it is very persuasive in this respect.

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