Lost and Found

Lost and Found March 29, 2022




Sin is always hungry

That longing, that desire

It’s never satisfied

It’s like a constant fire.


Lust, or greed, or hatred

Jealousy or pride

They brook no interference

No rules do they abide.


Soon the sinner finds

He ignores the do’s and don’ts

He’s not just a consumer

He’s consumed by what he wants.


The mind asks politely

‘What then is yet in store?’

The answer comes back constantly

‘Just a little more’.


Like a stinking garbage heap

The sins keep piling up

Despite the smell, despite the hell

You keep drinking from that cup!


The effect of sin accumulates

Silences moral will

You lose the desire to resist

Caught up in a fading thrill.


You glance into the mirror

But don’t see your former self

You see a driven denizen

Your ethics on the shelf.


And what you sow you reap

At a deadly cost

You lie to self and others

And honesty is lost.


A web of self-deception

Is woven in your mind,

You cannot see a way out

Or leave it all behind.


Finally, you cry out

Who will rescue me?

As finally it dawns on you,

You’re no longer free.


Salvation is not self-help thing

Not a 12 step plan

It is a radical rescue

Of a woman or a man.


And there is just one savior

Not two or three or five,

His name is solely Jesus

No other name alive.


‘Turn your eyes upon Jesus,

Look full in his wonderful face,

And the things of this world will grow strangely dim

In the light of his love and grace.’


BW3. Jan. 28 2022

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