Pop’s Lessons– Part Eleven

Pop’s Lessons– Part Eleven May 14, 2022


Genesis 1.3-16

Many of God’s purposes remain unrevealed to us. Some may be seen in his works, some in his Word.  The first of these in his Word give his reasons for creating the sun and the moon, called the greater and the lesser light. At times we wonder if the world could have been fashioned in a way to give humanking greater peace and security. There are the creeping things that annoy, the seas which endanger, the seasons with their constant changes, and the night with its fears.  But no one would dispense with the lights, for without them eyes would be useless, toil unprofitable, movement confined, and rest insecure.  However, God saw the light, that it was good placing his very first word of approval on it.

The sun and the moon were made to divide and rule in the material universe, but the spiritual realm also needed a light, so Jesus was sent to be the light of humankind. When his truth shines into human hearts they are cleansed from sin, made full of light for guidance, and by reflecting light into the lives of others bring them to peace, joy, and security of soul.  We do not doubt the wisdom of God and his love in giving us the light that rules the day, let us even more gladly admit and cherish in our hearts the reign of Jesus, the true and living light. His entrance dispels the darkness of sin and death. It gives us encouragement to know that he is the light and that his light brings to us the privilege of everlasting life. through his sacrifice on the cross. So let us pray that his light will shine in our hearts forever.

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