Pop’s Lessons– Father’s Day Special

Pop’s Lessons– Father’s Day Special June 19, 2022

6/16/1974— Father’s Day

Today is Father’s Day. Have we fulfilled our duty to God, in our homes, to our neighbors as fathers?  It seems today there are sinister forces, the Devil and his imps, that have attached themselves to our society and are trying to destroy our homes and family life. We need to go back to God’s Word and learn once again how to build and run a successful home. We need to pick up the Bible and discover against what the performer of the first marriage ceremony had to say about marriage.  The Bible teaches that the head of the home for the Christian is Jesus Christ himself. Not the husband, not the wife, but Christ himself. He is the head of the house and the unseen guest at every family meal. He is the unseen listener to every conversation. Under the leadership and headship of Christ the parents duty is to guide and govern the home lovingly and justly in the fear/reverence of the Lord.  The children, who are also under God are responsible to the parents. This is not outdated, this is God’s chain of command. There are 57 million homes in America. One marriage out of three breaks down, but where the family attends church it is only one out of 40 [N.B. from BW3– boy has this changed. The divorce rate in the church today is about 50% or the same as in the culture at large].

Open your Bible and study your place as a father and husband or wife and mother and find out what your responsibilities are.  In the Christian home, God commands that we love one another, and that love must begin in the home. Where love prevails a little bit of heaven  but where there is no love home is a hell on earth.  We must accept each other as God accepts us. Do we have respect for God’s authority? Do we really love our family and our neighbors? Jesus lived for one thing, to fulfill the will of God.  There is a chain of command with God at the top. Are you part of that chain? A working family is the foundation for a solid home. Every member of the family should have an assignment. This makes for an orderly home.  Where there is no idleness, there is no delinquency.  Where families pray together and have family worship, they stay together. What about your place in the Lord’s chain of command? Have you performed your duty as father, mother or as a child of God?

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