Pop’s Lessons– Part Thirty Five

Pop’s Lessons– Part Thirty Five June 26, 2022

5/19/1968— Psalm 119.11— ‘Thy Word have I hid in my heart’

The Psalmist has discovered the secret of the victorious life. It is to store up God’s Word in one’s heart so that in time of need it might come to his aid. The habit of saving things for possible future use is universal We fill our barns as provision against winter.  We lay away part of our earnings for a rainy day. We collect all sorts of miscellaneous articles that sometime might come in handy. With wisdom borne of the distinct for self-preservation we look to the future value as well as to present use.  Yet Jesus called one man a fool because having made elaborate provision for his physical wants, he failed utterly to store up for his spiritual needs.

The Psalmist was truly wise in accumulating a treasure of divine truth for his soul. What the future holds for us, we do not know. But we may be certain that it will bring many occasions when the Word of God will be our only adequate help.  Times of discouragement will come. We shall know sorrow, heartache, and pain. We shall be perplexed and confused more than a few times, not knowing which way to turn.  Then the strength-giving passages which we hide in our hearts today will come to our aid.  Wise shall we be if in our study of the Bible we commit to memory its choicest verses. We shall be storing up resources of power for a happy, victorious life.


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