Pop’s Lessons– Part Forty Six

Pop’s Lessons– Part Forty Six July 7, 2022

The Bible as the Word of God

All Scripture is given by the inspiration of God. Upon this statement of facts evangelical Christianity stands. By inspiration we mean that the Holy Spirit exerted his supernatural influence upon the writers of the Bible.  The writings were inspired, not necessarily the writers, for the Bible nowhere claims to have been inspired by human beings.  The Holy Spirit is the author of the Bible.  Christ told his disciples that he would leave many things unrevealed and that the Holy Spirit would come and choose certain persons and through them reveal his perfect will unto human beings, and that the Holy Spirit would be the believer’s teacher. Human beings are the instruments the Holy Spirit used to write Scripture. The result is the infallible Word of God. Therefore the Bible is free from error and absolutely trustworthy.

The Bible is a difficult book because it came from the Infinite to the finite, from the unlimited all powerful God to limited human beings. Therefore, you cannot understand the Bible the way you would the writings of Plato or Socrates. You can study the great philosophers with the natural mind and by diligent application, grasp their profound meanings. If the Bible could be understood by the natural mind it would be a natural book and could not be the Word of God.  Since the Bible is from God and therefore spiritual, before you can receive its teachings, you must be born of the Spirit, and filled with the Spirit. Always approach the Bible praying that the Spirit will be your teacher and will guide you to a better understanding of his Holy Word, or it will remain a difficult closed book. The oneness or unity of the Bible is a miracle, it is a library of 66 books written by over 35 different authors, in a period of approximately 1,500 years! Represented in the authors is a cross section of humanity, educated and uneducated, including kings, fishermen, public officials, farmers, teachers, and physicians. Included in the subjects are religion, history, law, science, poetry, drama, biography and prophecy, yet its various parts are as harmoniously united as the parts that make up the human body. For 35 authors with such varied backgrounds to write on so many subjects over a period of approximately 1,500 years in absolute harmony is a mathematical impossibility. It could not happen. Then how do we account for the Bible?

The only adequate explanation is Holy persons of God spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit. For the Word of God is quick and powerful. The Bible claims dividing power as a sword. The Bible will separate a human being from his sin, or sin will separate him from the Bible. The Bible claims reflecting power like a mirror.  In the Bible we see ourselves as God sees us, as sinners. The Bible also claims a cleansing power, like water.  David prayed that God would wash him from his iniquity and cleanse him from sin. The Bible claims reproductive power, like a seed. We are children of God because we have been born into the family of God by the incorruptible seed of God.  This is the new birth.  The Bible claims nourishing power, like food. The Bible is spiritual food for the soul.  No Christian can remain strong in the Lord and not study the Word of God. Study to show thyself approved unto God is a command.

As you study the Bible, you will discover that it does not just contain the Word of God, it is the Word of God. You must also keep in mind that the Word of God contains the words of God, as well as the words of Satan, demons, angels, and human beings both good and bad.  God is truth and cannot lie. Satan is a liar and the father of lies. Humans are natural and therefore limited and do not always speak the truth. To illustrate, in this portion of Scripture, the Gospels, we have the words of Jesus, of the Pharisees, of the Herodians, and of the Sadducees. All these latter were trying to entangle Jesus in his teachings, so that they might accuse him of breaking God’s law. Their words were spoken with evil intentions, revealing the thinking of the natural person, along with the Words of God which came from the lips of Jesus. As you study the Bible, ask yourself these questions– Who is speaking? God, demon, angel or human being?  To whom is he speaking? To the nation Israel, to the Gentiles, to the Church, to human beings in general or to some individual person or being?  Then ask– How can this Scripture be applied to my life to make me a better Christian. This is the question for each and everyone one of us to ask ourselves.

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