Pet Peeves– Part Three

Pet Peeves– Part Three August 31, 2022

  1. For reasons not exactly clear to me, some people think that the beach is the place to display their most ridiculous attire. Who exactly are they trying to impress?  I’m not even talking about people who are hanging out of their bathsuits in various egregious ways because they are too overweight to wear such a suit.  I’m talking about the class clowns at the beach.  And then their are the parents who think it is cute to dress like infants or toddlers and mimic their children or grandchildren. Frankly, no one wants to see grandma in a string bikini, wrinkles and all.
  2. Fashion shows.  Almost all the time, the big runway shows and fashion galas in NY, Paris, Milan involve ridiculous clothing that no one should buy or want to wear….. for example….
  3. Children dolled up and dressed up to look like midget adults for beauty pageants, due to parents stupidly and unsuccessfully trying to live their lives vicariously through their children.  For example I’ve made my point, so we don’t need more examples of over the top clothes choices, for various reasons.  I will refrain from mentioning some the things people wear at home WHILE ENTERTAINING COMPANY.   I can only say— really?

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