Salt Town– Part Three

Salt Town– Part Three October 13, 2022

Saltzburg has churches a plenty, and it’s time to have a look inside of several of them, especially the two giant ones that dominate the central square.

This is St. Peters, as should be obvious from the entranceway, although the statue of the man makes him look like he’s trying to give back the keys to the kingdom to the Almighty.

This cathedral is incredibly ornate as we shall now see.



Around the central dome are paintings of the four Evangelists

This is obviously John, regularly depicted as the youngest of the four, and with red hair.   But it’s not just the Gospel writers we also have various other Biblical figures, and even St. Jerome from church history or could that be Mark, with the lion as the symbol of his Gospel.


Is this Peter raising Tabitha?




The other church is much simpler and more plain though yellow on the outside…

The view from the central square is interesting, including a globe with a dude standing on top of it.


There are various other smaller churches as well worth seeing, and graveyard too.


Where you find churches, you find musicians plying their trade.



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