Into Turkey– Part Fifteen

Into Turkey– Part Fifteen December 1, 2022

We know there was a Jewish presence in this town long before there was a Christian one, as can be seen by looking at this column’s carvings.

Earlier menorah and shofar on the bottom, somewhat faded, later Byzantine cross above it…

Later Byzantine inscriptions had a particular way of forming the Greek letters that were distinctive, as in this example…. Notice the omicron

Right in the middle of numerous Greco-Roman structures–basilicas, temples, homes, columned streets, games… Christians decided they should establish their presence.

Below is a water pipe and drain holes in a street…

And here is a game board…

These early Christians didn’t wait around long once Constantine said Christianity was a licit or legal religion, they almost immediately held an ecumenical council here, but where—- did they really build a sanctuary in the late 4th century or was this meeting in a house church?  Stay tuned

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