Into Turkey– Part Seventeen

Into Turkey– Part Seventeen December 3, 2022

Hierapolis, or Priest town, is the last of our city visits to the Lycus Valley.  Today it is famous for the ‘cotton candy’ cliffs, really more like the limestone cliffs of Dover.  Pamukkale is what it is called hence cotton candy, and so we will look at the modern attraction now.  It used to be the case that there were all these hotels built right on these cliffs, but it was destroying them, so this site became part of the larger archaeological park and so is protected to a certain extent. There is now only a small part of the white terrace you are allowed to walk on, or splash around in, and they have to keep a continuous flow of mineral water on the cliffs to keep them white.


Needless to say this sort of place draws a ton of tourists who have no interest in the archaeological site of Hierapolis.  They come to see the cliffs, and maybe get their picture taken on the cliffs with wings…

And then there are those who have in fact taken flight over the cliffs to get a bird’s eye view…

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