Checking Out the Library of Congress– Part Four

Checking Out the Library of Congress– Part Four January 31, 2023

Photography from the Civil War on became an occupation for all sorts of raconteurs….. like this guy….

Of the older photographers that preferred black and white, Ansel Adams is king, and you can see his work in the museum of Western art in San Antonio.  But in this post we have other such photographers… for example of the Brooklyn Bridge, and its twin in Cinci, done by the same architect.

Or check out the stylish bathing suits…

Or another NY picture…… which should be captioned—YIKES!

Or this one from the West— Double Yikes.

Or as Gru would say—‘You have got to be kidding!!!’


I prefer the hoola hooping granny! I used to love hoola hooping, the challenge was to see how long you could keep it going.

Or how about a cat that thinks the Egyptians still think felines are divine….

Or Teddy Roosevelt and the Rough Riders… no that is not Robin Williams….

Or finally a few pictures from the old Midwest and West…. including Mission Churches…


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