80 for Brady— Such Fun

80 for Brady— Such Fun February 4, 2023

One thing you can say about this movie— there can be no complaints about the improbability of various turning points in the script.  Because the football game in the movie— namely the ridiculously unlikely comeback of the Patriots in the Super Bowl vs. the Falcon, is even more unbelievable, and yet it happened.  The movie is loosely based on a true story, namely about a bunch of old ladies in North Attleboro Mass. (just a few miles from my wife’s childhood home in Attleboro) who would get together and watch TB 12 perform miraculous football comebacks again, and again, and again, including in seven Super Bowls.   And the four ladies who play those ladies are excellent actresses— Fonda, Moreno, Tomlin, Fields.  As an ensemble cast, they are great together.   The movie is only one hour and 38 minutes and it’s all fun. In fact, I’d say it may be the best comedic football movie ever, a movie which of course climaxes with Brady leading the Patriots to a 4th quarter comeback against the snakebit Falcons.

There are cameo appearances by Gronk and of course TB12, and the ending is fun, and unexpected.   If you are looking for something that is uplifting and enjoyable in a season of bad weather, this is the film for you. Basically its about enduring friendship between 4 older women, and as such is charming.

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