LENTEN LEXICON March 14, 2023



It’s not the blood lines

Or the age lines

That define the man


It’s the thought lines

And the taught lines

That refine the man


It’s not the clothes

Or the shows

That finally make the man


It’s the devotion

And emotion

That reveal just who I am


I’m not a product once assembled

Or a willow in some gale

I’m the writer who listens

To the Author of our tale



It’s not the consumer

Or consumption

For you’re not what you eat


It’s Who caught you

And bought you

That’s made you complete


It’s not a moving target

Or a flash before one’s eyes

For life’s something more, or less


It depends on an embrace

Of truth amongst the lies

Or else a tragic mess.


I’m not a victory

Or defeat in someone else’s story

I’m the teller of His tale

That finally ends in glory


We become what we admire

Or so the wise man said

Who gave his life for us

Then rose up from the dead.


BW3.  Jan. 24, 2023

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