The Bird Park near Ponte Vedra

The Bird Park near Ponte Vedra April 5, 2023

Yes, we confess to being nature lovers, including both flora and fauna, both flowers and beasts, so naturally we visited the Bird Park near where we were staying.  The occasion for Ann and I to go South was that my sister and my wife have birthdays close together, March 8th and 13th, so we rendezvoused in Jacksonville and went to the beach, and the Players golf tourney. We also took a bunch of side trips.  One was too the Bird Park…


This park is right in the middle of town, and involves a small lake, and lots of birds of various sorts. Like this guy.   But it is also a place where various other creatures lurk as well.

When we arrived we were immediately accosted by a bunch of ducks, all lining up to be fed, but alas, we had no bird feed.

They were pretty ticked off when we had no food, and told us so in no uncertain terms. According to them, we were the quacks, not them.

In the lake there were also dozens and dozens of turtles, some quite large.

Not to mention storks and herons…

One wonders what happens when this guy gets a sore throat.

There is a bird island sanctuary in the middle of the lake  where  the  birds  nests.

There is in addition a nice maze here for the kids….

See if you can spot the squirrel eating a nut in this palm tree.

A good time was had by all.

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