The Complete Art West Series in a Box Set!

The Complete Art West Series in a Box Set! April 20, 2023

Pickwick Press has now made it possible for you to have the whole series of seven archaeological thrillers in one box set.  This is a painless way to learn a good deal about the lands of the Bible, about archaeology, and about inter-faith friendships.  At the heart of these novels is  a friendship between a Jewish scholar,  Grace Levine who teaches at Hebrew University, Khalil el Said, a Sufi or mystical Muslim who with his daughter runs an antiquities shop in Jerusalem, and Art West an American Evangelical NT scholar who spends most of his time in the lands of the Bible, when he’s not teaching at Duke.   In this series you will find intrigue, romance, skull-duggery,  antiquities theft, and actual true religion. Ann Rice, a very fine novelist in her own right endorsed this series, and now you can have it all— at once.  It’s fun beach or summer reading, and something you can even read as adventure stories with your kids.   While you can buy this on Amazon, its considerably cheaper to get the set from the Wipf and Stock website—- heres a link….


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