My Favorite Sports

My Favorite Sports June 5, 2023

O.K., I admit it, I love sports.  Not surprisingly, having been raised on Carolina basketball, college basketball is decidedly my favorite sport, and fortunately, I’ve seen my alma mater win 6 national championships (the first being in 1957 where we went undefeated and beat Wilt Chamberlain in 3 overtimes in Kansas in the most improbable championship ever).  I don’t much care for the NBA, unless we are talking the Celtics in the playoffs.   In fact of the professional sports, I am partial to baseball– the Red Sox and the Braves I’m so old at this point those two teams were in Boston when I was born).  The NFL is generally more fun than college football because of the skill level.  As for relaxing sports, I enjoy watching golf, and continue to play a bit of golf.   I also love watching the Olympics since I’ve been a runner most of my life (even ran three marathons including the Boston and finished ahead of the mayor and many others and behind all the elite runners in 1993).  Though I’m a Southerner I don’t care at all for watching NASCAR or the Indy 500, or the Gran Prix. I also don’t much care for watching ice hockey, field hockey, rugby, cricket. I did develop a love for Premiere League Football (i.e. soccer) and World Cup soccer.   Tennis is o.k. and I will watch Wimbledon, or a couple of other major tourneys.  Gymnastics is fun occasionally, and ice skating and skiing in the Olympics,  shoot most anything in the Olympics.


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