Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part One

Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part One July 18, 2023

Well friends, this movie is a true spectacle, all 2 hours and 24 minutes of it.   The stunts are spectacular (and Tom does his own), the scenery in Rome and Venice and the Austrian Alps are spectacular,  and the acting is actually quite good.  Now the story line— well it has some twists and turns, but overall, there is a through line one can follow, and of course this is only half the story.  More next summer I assume.  I saw the film in XD and well, it was a wallbanger.  The women in this particular film are the opposite of Barbies— they are mostly mean, lean fighting machines.  And of course the bad guys turn out to be anyone and everyone who wants total power over planet earth.  I liked this one better than some of the previous iterations of this series, and unlike Indiana Jones, there is more to come.  Of course again one must suspend one’s disbelief, but in order to see all this in spectacular High def, well it’s worth it.

If you like adventures and daring do, I have thrown in a featured image of my series of seven archaeological thrillers, now available as a set for a good price—- go to Wipf and Stock website and check it out.

This is not the last hold on to your seat movie this summer, nor the one with the highest ratings—- that’s Oppenheimer, so stay tuned for more bang for your buck— quite literally.


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