Patmos Pictures-2

Patmos Pictures-2 July 23, 2023

So there is a long walk up a hill, and then a further walk up to the top of the hill where the monastery was.  So, first the cave…..

To give you some perspective, here’s the view from below up to the monastery. This is a steep hill.

So here is the monastery itself, which is worth a visit, skip the trinket shop, where amazingly, they still sell postcards which are antiques now.

This is a beautiful well maintained monastery.

You can complain all you want about the added legends and fictions that the Orthodox have added to the basic NT data, but the truth is, they were trying to keep the NT revelation alive and relevant, and if it weren’t for them, we wouldn’t have much of what we have today that point us to the right places, persons, times, and things of our original NT history.

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