Shapiro and Tyson on Transgenderism

Shapiro and Tyson on Transgenderism August 28, 2023

What I noticed about this exchange:  1) Tyson doesn’t deny that biology is binary– your chromosomes don’t lie. You are biologically either male or female unless you are born abnormally formed physically speaking. Tyson does not (and cannot deny this). So there is no ‘gender spectrum’ in terms of how one is born, biologically or genetically (which includes no evidence as of yet of a gay gene that would incline someone in a same sex direction; 2) this means that the issue with transgenderism comes from the realm of human psychology or sociology not from biology. And I would say that if your thinking is telling you one thing and your body another, since the chromosomes don’t lie, then there is a problem with one’s thinking, inclinations, desires.  3) While I agree with Tyson that in a country that values freedom highly that it is natural to allow people to make such choices as long as they are not harming themselves or others, in fact sex change surgery absolutely can do physical harm to a person, and so can taking puberty blockers and hormones that your body doesn’t require. That’s the honest truth. Such choices should be labeled what they are and not be called health care options  any more than an abortion is a form of ‘reproductive health care’ unless there is a pressing medical reason why it is necessary (i.e. the life of the mother and perhaps also incest or rape); 4) notice that Tyson basically admits that the transgender stuff definitely can affect sports, namely if you allow men to play a sport like basketball as a woman and that man is stronger physically and can jump higher than the women playing, it creates an unfair advantage not to mention displacing a biological female from having a spot on the team and floor.  But it is not just in sports that these things matter.

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