5,125 Blog Posts and Counting

5,125 Blog Posts and Counting September 5, 2023


For many years now, I’ve maintained a daily blog (yes I said daily). In fact it’s been going on for over 14 years, which is to say, since 2009 or a bit earlier.  And that doesn’t even count the years I was with another website (Beliefnet) as the Bible answer man and blog poster.  I’ve learned a lot in these years about social media and its uses and abuses.  And I have no intentions of stopping now, as I approach my 72nd birthday.  As long as my brain and body don’t go off the boil, as the British would say, I’ll keep posting.  This blog is not a one trick pony.  Though it mostly deals with the Bible as the title of the blog indicates, it also deals with culture– high brow culture, pop culture, art, music, literature, and yes some comments on the social and political milieu as well from time to time.  My blog is not a rant, and often enough it involves dialogues with other scholars, some of whom I don’t agree with much, to promote civil discourse when it comes to theological, ethical, and even political subjects.  This blog is pushed to Facebook and you can find it daily there.  You can also check out my new website, www.benw3.com.

Several of my more recent books you will see scrolling in the right hand column to the right of the blog post itself.




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