The Fort Fisher Ferry and Southport

The Fort Fisher Ferry and Southport September 10, 2023

One of the more fun things to do on a nice day is to ride to the end of Carolina Beach and take the Fort Fisher ferry across to Southport, a quaint little town south of Wilmington on the Cape Fear river, which BTW is a really big river.  The ferry is inexpensive, and the ride lasts about 30 minutes or so, with each ferry able to carry about 30 cars and trucks.  Here’s the ferry itself–

Actually there are two of them. Even seagulls like to hitch a free ride on them and maybe get fed.

You see all kinds of sights on the ferry….

As I said the Cape Ferry is a huge river that Wilmington sits next to, and larger container ships regularly come up the river and make port at Wilmington and unload their goods.


In the distance you can see Southport where one docks after the ferry ride.

Southport is a small town, which has significantly turned itself into a tourist trap, at least downtown, where there is endless shopping and eating to be had, including a Christmas house—

This is where you go to purchase St. Nick’s knacks.  And see how the Grinch and Star Wars have changed Christmas expectations…

There is also a traditional general store, with replica ancient signs…

And of course there are places to stay and seafood restaurants….

Some of the shops actually have some things worth purchasing, if you can afford it.

This famous Tar Heel (and classmate of my Dad’s at UNC) started life in the mountains at Mt. Airy, but finished nearby the sea at Manteo.  And I imagine he would approve this signpost….

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