The Ryman– Part Four

The Ryman– Part Four October 13, 2023

When the mid 60s rolled around, what had previously been a trickle, became a steady stream of soul and rock artists began to play at the Ryman until it closed in 1974.  But then after it reopened thanks to folks like Emmy Lou Harris, who campaigned to save the Ryman, suddenly a flood of rock acts wanted to play there. It reopened in 1994.  Here are some of the posters from that whole phenomenon.  There is even now a rock hall IN the Ryman.



Nora Jones singing her bit hit from her debut album at the Ryman.


Joni Mitchell showed up on Johnny Cash’s first TV show interviewing artists, and here was the guitar played on that occasion.

Shoot even the players of the Memphis blues like Buddy Guy or B.B. King played here.

No wonder that this stands outside the Ryman now.

Shoot even American Idol with Steven Tyler as a judge no less, showed up to do an episode at the Ryman.

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