The Ryman– Part Seven

The Ryman– Part Seven October 16, 2023

Country music is inconceivable without the guitar, and earlier this past summer on this blog, I chronicled the history of the guitar as displayed at the Frist Museum downtown in Nashville, and you can access that by typing Frist museum into the search engine for this blog.   Here in this last post I want to show some of the guitars left to the Ryman as museum pieces.   These include Gibsons, Gretches, Fenders, Martins, and so much more.

Or artists wanted their pitchers in the museum playing a guitar…


Below is one of my all time favorite Kentucky musicians, John Prine with his illegal smile 🙂

And of course a singer gets pretty thirsty, especially back in the non-air conditioned days of the Ryman, so there was a special supply of the following  Tennessee beverage at the Ryman…

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