The Cambridge History of Ancient Christianity– Part Two

The Cambridge History of Ancient Christianity– Part Two October 26, 2023

What follows in this and the next few blog posts is a dialogue with Bruce Longenecker about this important volume–

Q. What actually prompted the production of this volume, which I assume had to go through the usual process of approval by the Cambridge Syndics—right?


A. In March 2016, Beatrice Rehl (Publishing Director in the Humanities and Social Sciences at Cambridge University Press) approached me to see if I would be interested in putting a volume of this kind together. After a few weeks of bashing the idea around with her, I mentioned that I needed a co-editor for such a project. She approved. I knew who I needed in that position — David Wilhite (Professor of Historical Theology [Truett Seminary]), a first-rate scholar with wide-ranging interests and a sharp eye. David helped me craft the vision for the volume. And yes, we had to submit a proposal to Cambridge University Press. Our proposal was almost 11,000 words in length. Fortunately we got the green light to move ahead on the basis of that proposal.

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