Holidays or Holy Days

Holidays or Holy Days December 9, 2023

The very term holiday is in fact a mash up of the words holy day.  But what has happened to our holy days is they have been over-run with commercialism, cartoon characters,  and frankly a brief spurt of compassion for our fellow human beings who are less fortunate than we are, especially those in war torn places like Ukraine or Gaza or Israel.  In reflecting on this situation I’ve written various Christmas poems, and here is the shortest among them….

Holidays are hollow

Unless they’re hallowed well,

For holidays are holy days

The time for truth to tell.


There’s time to spare

Time to waste

Time to make amends

Time to do most anything

Even make new friends


Holidays, a good time

For writing poetry

A silent, subtle indolence

Inspires creativity.

In short, holidays are a very good time for a person to take stock of his or her life.  What exactly have you done in life that matters, what is of eternal significance,  what actually glorified God and edified your fellow human beings?  It’s a fair question.  Christmas reminds us that there are things of eternal worth and merit giving one’s life to.   And of course poetry is the sound of the soul, striving to articulate the deeper things.

Think on this.


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