SSSH— LIBRARY! December 11, 2023

The Asbury Seminary library is already dead quiet.  Most of the time, no one is there except the student works at the desk, or other library staff in their little rooms working away. But the main part of the library seems mostly abandoned these days.  No students studying, occasionally students passing through to pick up or drop off books.  But otherwise. QUIET.  So it struck me as hilarious that on the check out desk at our library there now resided this jar.  Why?   You hardly need them in libraries anymore.

It reminded me of a day I was in the excellent library at Princeton Seminary.  I was looking for a work by Eusebius which I was assured was checked in, but when I went to the proper spot— there was a gap, and no book.  I went the librarian, who was very prim and proper and all about quiet in the library and she walked with me to the shelf where Eusebius should have been, certain I was mistaken. When she got to the spot she was shocked and I quipped— ‘well I guess it’s a case of now Eusebius, and now you don’t’. And she cracked a smile and then giggle and then put her hand over mouth. I imagine she had never before laughed out loud in the library.  Well, I almost did today when I saw that jar.

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