Churches and Synagogues in San Antonio– Part Two

Churches and Synagogues in San Antonio– Part Two December 14, 2023

Continuing with our tour of Temple Beth-el (i.e. house of God), there are many other spectacular features to take note of, for example the gorgeous tapestries woven and framed and hung to the right and left of the high altar.


The top one shows images of creation with the word Hallelujah (as in Praise Yahweh) above it in Hebrew, and the bottom one was the same superscript but below it images of the various festivals of Judaism.

Outside the chapel there is an interesting inscription worth reading, especially in regard to the mezuzah which also is found just outside the doors to the chapel.

One of the things our tour guide reminded us of, again and again, was of the strong spirit of fellowship and interfaith co-operation in San Antonio, which is certainly heartwarming in this very divisive time.   Not only is there the main sanctuary, there is also a gorgeous smaller chapel as well

with a Marc Chagall type stain glass window. behind the lecturn.

The Hebrew inscription reading of course from right to left and top to bottom is the first ten letters of the Hebrew alphabet in place of the full ten commandments.   On the lectern we have the scroll and the stylus. No one is supposed to touch the scroll with ‘unclean hands’ so only the stone style can be used to move across the script during the reading.

On the lectern is two metal crowns, and under the lectern is the breastplate worn by the rabbi on a high holy day.


To the left of this pulpit sort of area is the following….

A very modern rendering of a menorah.



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