Churches and Synagogues of San Antonio– Part Four

Churches and Synagogues of San Antonio– Part Four December 18, 2023

On our tour of sacred sites we went to one small Protestant Church, St. Paul’s Episcopal which is parked next to a military base, and has a very transient congregation composed mostly of soldiers and their families.  Here are a few pictures of this little church.

Not surprisingly, all the major basilicas and larger churches in the old downtown area are Catholic. The largest one of all is quite spectacular, but let’s start with a shot of Christmas tree decorated outside the church’s front door.  This is supposedly where the Alamo martyr’s bone are to be found in a bone box in the foyer, but alas, it is not so.   I have also included for comparison some of the stained glass windows from the German Catholic church called St. Joseph’s.

This is a quite interesting rose window with Joseph of Arimathea, taking down Jesus from the cross, who is viewed as a Christian saint in the Catholic Church, and so surprisingly. St. Joseph’s Church is named after him, not  Jesus’ step-father.

As is typical in Catholic Churches, the windows sometime depict Biblical figures, but often as well, saints of the church from later periods in Christian history.

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