Hagia Sophia— Plural!

Hagia Sophia— Plural! January 29, 2024

There is a new exhibit in the Museum of the Bible about the numerous Hagia Sophias. By way of background these churches are called Hagia Sophia because of the Orthodox theology that the personification of God’s wisdom found in Proverbs 3, 8-9 was assumed to actually refer to Christ the second person of the Trinity who was involved in the work of creation with the Father.  Hagia Sophia then is usually accompanied with and pointing to an image of Christ, as in Istanbul, Christ in glory, Christ pre-existing etc.   Here are some of the wonderful pictures of the various churches with this name.  Let’s start  with the five examples in Turkey. 

But it is not just in Turkey you have such churches, for example there are some in Italy and London, for example….

No two of these are precisely alike, and all of them are interesting.

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