Mysterium Tremendum

Mysterium Tremendum February 19, 2024

Mysterium Tremendum


Death is a mystery

We cannot understand

Even as transition

For every woman and man


Did life stop

Or where did it go

Must we follow

Or can we say no?


Why so seeming final

A coda that has to end

Or is it just our viewpoint

That will not let us in


Into the wonder

Into the gate

Into the Presence

Before it’s too late


Perhaps just a glimpse of glory

Perhaps a foretaste

Would be enough to sustain us

Without any waste


But then I remembered

What the Master had said

She is just sleeping

Not really dead,


Waiting for her Easter

When I hear him say

It is Death itself

That just passed away.


For Christy….Twelve years on.

Feb. 2. 2024

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