Quote of the Day from. Tom Wright

Quote of the Day from. Tom Wright March 24, 2024

“We are not, after all, defined by whatever longs and aspirations come out of our hearts, despite the remarkable rhetoric of our times [especially the LGBTQ+ rhetoric]. In the area of human well-being, that is the road to radical instability; in the area of theological beliefs it leads to Gnosticism (where you try to discern the hidden divine spark within yourself and then be true to it). Jesus himself was quite clear , following in the prophetic tradition: the human heart is deceitful, and out of it come all kinds of things that defile people, that is that make them unable to function as genuine human beings , as the royal priesthood they were called to be. The gospel Jesus  announced was not about getting in touch with your deepest feelings or accepting yourself as you really are. It  was about taking up your cross and following him.”  (The Day  the Revolution Began pp. 397-98)

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