Google the Guggenheim– Part Two

Google the Guggenheim– Part Two April 4, 2024

Certainly one of my least favorite Impressionists is Toulouse-lautrec.  entitled ‘In the Salon’. Contrast the quality of this painting with the following one by Renoir

There are two interesting Gauguin’s in this museum and here they are…

There is one painting that seems totally out of place in this gallery of mostly Impressionists– an abstract painting by Kandinsky…entitled Klein Freuden— small joys or pleasures

Cezanne’s Plate of Peaches however fits right in….

There were a lot of such still life’s done during this artistic period, and here is another one…

Would you even guess this was a very early Picasso?

Of the more odd subjects picked for painting there is this portrait of artillery men by. Rousseau

Or this one by the same artists called ‘the Football Players’ (clearly he didn’t know what a football looked like and who plays football in pajamas anyway)

Here’s another interesting Picasso entitled Bird on a Tree

Here is another Cezanne– the Environs of Jas de Bouffan

The following is also by Cezanne, and a scene he painted numerous times called Bibemus

Sadly there is only one Pissarro in either of these two museums I visited this time, and here is a beautiful rendering of  the Hermitage at Pontoise

Last but not least, there is this painting…

The title is A Woman Ironing but would you guess it’s by Picasso?


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