Jesus and the Powers–Dialogue Part 1

Jesus and the Powers–Dialogue Part 1 April 20, 2024

Q.  What prompted you and Tom to write this particular book at this juncture in history?


A. I remember listening to a news podcast about the latest info on the Russian invasion of Ukraine on TV, then later watching a documentary on YouTube about China and Taiwan, soon after I saw my Twitter feed inundated with debates about Trump, Christian nationalism, and January 6. Later that same day I got an email from a friend in Myanmar about the persecution of Christians by the ruling military junta. I remember, thinking that the world feels combustible right now. What is a Christian to make of all this? It touches on so many topics. The exegesis of Romans 13:1-7, church and empire in the Book of Revelation, church and state across history, Just War theory, the case for civil disobedience, should Christians avoid politics completely, etc. Also, in a world divided between predatory autocracies and liberal democracies, why should Christians support liberal democracy?


I asked Tom Wright his thoughts on world events and he shared my alarm. As we corresponded, it turned out we have similar ideas of church-state relationships because of our Anglican connection. Above all, we wanted to write something for Christians on how to think faithfully about geo-politics and global affairs. Not a voting guide, but a way of understanding how Christians relate to the powers spiritual and human, how to build for the kingdom, and bear witness in an age of totalitarian terror and dysfunctional democracies.

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