N.C. Art Museum– Part Five

N.C. Art Museum– Part Five June 13, 2024

This post could be called odds and ends…. of sorts.   Here first is some ancient glassware, including perfume bottles… and a mirror

And right around the corner is a collection of mostly small statues by the famous French sculptor, Rodin…

His most famous statue was Le Penser— the Thinker…. of which there were many renderings, and here’s a small one….

The one I found most evocative is the statue of Eve, trying to hide her shame….

And finally, there is a whole hall of Jewish religious artifacts and art…..

That’s the ten commandments in wood, from a synagogue.

Like high priests’ breastplates.   Below a shofar, Torah,  and more….



A Passover plate, tefillin box and more….

And a magnificent bronze artifact that I imagine hung in front of the scriptorium where the Torah was kept.

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