May 25, 2011

Meet the wolf in sheep’s clothing.  Not your normal sheep, but what with genetic engineering these days, perfectly possible.  I had never considered that genetic engineering might be a way to speed up the process of fulfilling of Biblical prophecies, but hey— whatever works. Sheep are not notably bright creatures.   My theory is because someone stole their ram memory.    One weekend I was driving in the Lake District in England on a very narrow paved track, and came over a… Read more

May 24, 2011

It was white, looking like a bleached out ground hog, it was wobbling and waddling its way across my back yard,  destination unknown.   Meet the O-possum or as we call him in the ole South, the possum.   It is hard to believe this critter has been turned into food, he is so stringy and scrawny, but in fact it’s true.  American will eat anything that’s chewable, you know. But the possum has a secret.  He is the only marsupial of… Read more

May 23, 2011

Meet the vermin, aka varmint, aka varmin. He is a fearsome critter, but his pelt is much in demand. And in fact, the fur industry has given this animal an extreme makeover, by taking away the first letter of his name. They call him the ermin. Don’t be fooled by this P.R. move, they knew that the name vermin had negative connotations and would never sell. Their ‘rebranding’ is about as reliable as those labels inside of furs that say… Read more

May 22, 2011

Ours is an age of hybrids. Hybrid cars, hybrid economies, hybrid vitamins and foods in general. It is thus not unexpected that there might be hybrid holiday food, in this case for Thanksgiving. Enter the turducken, one part turkey, one part duck, and apparently some chicken as well. Scientists have had theories about the origins of these rare birds, even though no one seems to have seen them in the wild. Here below is one scientific hypothesis on the matter…. Read more

May 21, 2011

Meet the Nauga, a species not of gerbil, hamster or guinea pig but of its own, and indigenous to America! The Nauga is known for its bug-eyes. The Nauga, unfortunately today  has to be reported as an endangered species, oddly enough endangered by the Barca Lounger. You see it takes an enormous amount of pelts to produces a nauga-hyde couch or reclining chair. In fact Sam van Pelt and Joe Hyde from PETA reckon that it takes over 1,000 Nauga’s… Read more

May 20, 2011

While it is hard to believe,  at two hours and 17 minutes this is the shortest of the Depp Pirate movies, it may be even harder to believe that this has gotten worse reviews than the previous movies in the series!   Ah, but if a pirate’s life is for you— ahoy matey, shiver me timbers and blow me down, this is a summer movie just for you. Actually, in my humble opinion this is not the weakest in the series—… Read more

May 20, 2011

Whilst I am off doing archaeological stuff in Turkey (blog posts to follow),  I have had my crack team uncover some major conspiracies when it comes to our American food supply.   Herein you will be told the real story behind some of the products you find in your grocery store.  Be warned, this information makes those Chick Fil-A ads look tame. Meet the spamster. He is native to small islands in the south Pacific, including Hawaii. The spamster is a… Read more

May 19, 2011

The picture here is the view from atop Mt. Nimrud in Turkey.  It is an uncommon view, and something uncommon has happened in the world of modern Evangelical Seminaries— one of them has picked an official translation to use in all its classes—- the Common English Translation.   This translation is deliberately simply much like the old TEV or NIV and concentrates on readability for almost any audience. My only real beef with it is that it messes up the phrase… Read more

May 18, 2011

The twittersphere has been all abuzz about Mr. Camping’s prediction that the rapture is happening on May 21rst.  One response was — Weather Forecast for Saturday—- ‘Doomy with a Chance of Rapture’.    Unfortunately,  Mr. Camping is about to be proved a false prophet twice over (yes, he already went down this road once in 1994 or so, but we have such short attention spans that we’ve forgotten that). Here are my top ten reasons why you should pay exactly… Read more

May 18, 2011

I am not generally into over-hyped testosterone driven films such as the Fast and Furious franchise.   I know actors who have more acting ability in their little finger than Vin Diesel (soon to change his name to Vin Hybrid) and Dwayne Rock Johnson.   The scenario of fast cars, fast women, fast action, fast camera cuts,  large biceps, large other body parts and so on, being splashed continually across the screen is all too familiar and the formula is tired,… Read more

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