Epoch Conference?

Epoch Conference? December 10, 2007

For the last few years a number of us in Ann Arbor Michigan have been meeting periodically discussing what it means to be followers of Jesus in the world that surrounds us. There have been a lot of insights and benefits to these discussions. We’ve been frustrated somewhat by the silence of the church as a whole on many of the issues and philosophies that most effect us in our day to day lives.

Epoch is an attempt to create a forum in which anyone, and everyone has a voice in the dialogue. Unlike most conferences which focus primary on speakers and seminars the focus of Epoch is discussion, and interaction with the topics we will be focusing on.

The focus of discussion will center around two central themes. First is communication. In a world where language has been deconstructed creating new paradigms in history, politics, literature, and scripture where does Jesus fit. With new forms of communication involving facebook, myspace, youtube, and a societal vernacular that is made up of pop-culture references more then a common dialect how can we be effective in communication and speak in authentic meaningful ways to the people around us.

The second topic is authority. In a world saturated with skepticism, and distrust in organized religion. How can we embrace who and what we are without giving up the ability to embrace truth, and other perspectives? Is there the possibility of objectivity? Do the categories we associate ourselves with define us, and how does one deal with the idea of being categorized by others as a Christian, a particular race, gender, or philosophy when there is so much ambiguity surrounding these terms.

Please join us December 27th at the University Lutheran Chapel from 10am to 9pm.
1511 Washtenaw Avenue
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

This will hopefully be the first in a series of gatherings that will allow us to engage in the issues that touch us the strongest in an honest, open, and interactive way. It is open to anyone who is a senior in high school, a senior citizen, and anyone in between.

For more info check out the web page here

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