Thanksgiving for the Incarnation

Thanksgiving for the Incarnation December 28, 2017
st catheriesI wrote this prayer of thanksgiving for the Christmas season this year.  I have been trying to pray it as a reminder of the true depth and beauty of what happened at Christmas; which is a great season to give thanks for the incarnation. I pray it would be a blessing to you this year in some way. 

Father we thank you for the incarnation.
We thank you for sending and showing us your love.
We thank it’s revelation in flesh and blood.
That declaration of who you are;
not in a philosophy so far above us;
not in a law so beyond our attainment;
but in that universal language we all share;
The universal language of human life.
You gave us your love in a man.
He walked like us.
Breathed our air.
He got dirty.
He ate fish.
He laughed.
He had a mother.
He had friends.
He felt pain and loss.
He was tempted.
He was betrayed.
He was like us in every way;
but sin.
But he became sin.
So that we might become the righteousness of God.
He took on our life and gave us your life.
He came into the storm of our world and calmed it.
He met the demons and bound them.
He touched the leper and cleaned them.
He gathered the hungry and fed them.
He saw the lost and called them.
He encountered death and trampled it.
He suffered under our sin and he forgave it.
He healed our brokenness at every turn.

Father we thank you for Jesus Christ.

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